वडा नं १

Ward No. 1 is spread over an area of 138.4 hectares and consists of 22 tols. It is bounded by Ward Nos. 5 and 33 in the east, Ward No. 29 (Kanti Path) and Ward No. 30 in the west, Ward Nos. 2 and 5 in the north, and Ward Nos. 31 and 33 in the south. As home to Narayanhiti Royal Palace, Ward No. 1 possesses special importance. Other notable landmarks situated here are the Police Headquarters, Bal Mandir, Nag Pokhari, Kamal Pokhari and Hiti Pokhari. Posh hotels like the Annapurna and the Yak and Yeti, fancy cinemas and major business houses are some of the other distinguished edifices found in the ward. Nandi Keshar, Gairhi Dhara and Teen Dhara are the ward's main historic water spouts. Naxal Bhagawati, Nand Kishore Mahadev and Shanker Kriti Mahabihar are its chief religious sites. The inhabitants belong to different ethnic groups and celebrate a variety of feasts and festivals. Most of the people are service holders followed by businessmen. Occupying the heart of Kathmandu, and having good health care, education and security, Ward No. 1 is an historic ward of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Its population in 2001 was 8,464.