वडा नं ३३

Enclosed by the Dhobi Khola river in the east, Ward Nos. 1 and 31 in the west, Ward No. 5 in the north and Ward No. 32 in the south, Ward No. 33 encompasses an affluent section of Kathmandu. The ward has been known for the famed Charkhal of Dilli Bazaar from olden times. It is also regarded as a home of intellectuals because it is the birthplace of Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota. The temples of Gyaneswar Mahadev, Anand Bhairav and Maitidevi are its notable religious and archeological structures. The ward can be taken as a model in terms of development activities.

The ward covers an area of 85.7 hectares. There were 5,064 households and a population of 21,597 in 2001. Most of the inhabitants are Brahmins who make up 35% of the population. Newars come second with 33%. The Pancha Kumari festival, which is held during Tihar after Dasain, is celebrated with special fervor here. The Postal Services Department, Sadar Khor and Charkhal Adda which are situated here enhance the ward's image. Education has always been a strong point of the ward, and there are seven secondary schools and two 10+2 level campuses. Various social organizations, clubs and NGOs operate in the ward.