वडा नं ३१

Commerce, education, history and culture are the strong points of this centrally located ward. The educational institutions located here, like Tri-Chandra Campus, Shanker Dev Campus, Padma Kanya Campus, Law Campus, International Languages Campus, Ratna Rajya Campus, Padmodaya High School and Sahid Shukra Secondary School are places which the entire nation looks up to as quality centers of learning. It is also a matter of pride for the ward that there are numerous technical institutes which are engaged in training and equipping students for employment.

The Kumari temple of Kamal Pokhari, Kamaladi Ganesh, Mahankal Sthan, Rani Pokhari and the Jaleswar Mahadev temple at its center, Bhadrakali and Ghantaghar stand out among the historic, cultural and sacred sites which abound in the ward. There are also a number of mosques here. The Blood Bank which stocks life-saving blood and the many privately-operated nursing homes located in the ward provide health care to the people. There are other noteworthy establishments like banks, the Nepal Electricity Authority and the Traffic Police office which provide different kinds of services.

Landmarks in the ward include Ratna Park where city dwellers can relax, the Open Air Theater which is used for holding various programs and the Royal Nepal Army Pavilion which offers a venue for regular ceremonies like Ghode Jatra and the feu de joie during Phulpati. Small traders conduct business and the general public enjoy themselves at Bhrikuti Mandap. Cultural and political programs are held in the auditorium at Rastriya Sabha Griha. The old bus park from where transport is available to various places within and outside the valley is also located here. The ward has an area of 103.7 hectares, and its population in 2001 was 14,502. It is bounded by Ward Nos. 32 and 33 in the east, Ward Nos. 22, 24 and 30 in the west, Ward No. 1 in the north and Ward No. 11 in the south.