वडा नं २७

Ward No. 27 is a historical part of Kathmandu and is located in the inner city. It has a glorious past and is rich in cultural artifacts. Its old neighborhoods are subjects of folklore and places of ceremonial functions. Bal Kumari, Masan Galli, Suchikar Galli, Dhwaka Baha, Tanani, Bijyapu, Kusumbiyalachhi, Jhwa Baha, Jwalamai temple, Ratnaketu Mahabihar, Karnaketu Mahabihar and Harsha Chaitya are some of the more eminent sacred sites and cultural edifices in the ward. Jana Baha (Machhendra Baha) and Abhiman Singh Basnet's Paltan Ghar stand like symbols of the ward. The Paltan Ghar was built a long time ago during the time of Abhiman Singh Basnet and possesses great historical significance.

The ward is bordered by Ward No. 30 in the east, Ward Nos. 17, 18, 25, 26 and 28 in the west, Ward Nos. 17 and 29 in the north, and Ward Nos. 24 and 28 in the south. It has an area of 7.6 hectares, and its population in 2001 was 7,789.