वडा नं २६

Ward No. 26 consists of ancient neighborhoods and is situated in the historic inner quarter of Kathmandu. In keeping with its historic character, there are many antique temples and shrines. The famed Itum Baha, Desay Madu Jhya, Mahankal temple, Keshchandra Mahabihar, Bhimeswar temple and Narsingh temple are evidence of the ward's cultural and historical glory. As in other wards of the inner city, settlements typically consist of an open courtyard enclosed by houses. This arrangement emphasizes the courtyard's architectural and ceremonial functions. The courtyard provides light and fresh air besides serving as a place to socialize and hold ceremonial events.

The ward is bounded on the east by Ward Nos. 25 and 27, on the west and north by Ward No. 18, and on the south by Ward Nos. 19 and 25. It is the smallest ward in terms of both size and population. It has an area of 4 hectares, and the number of inhabitants in 2001 was 3,764. The large open space at Itum Baha is frequently used for holding mass meetings and other functions.