वडा नं २४

The history of human habitation in this ward goes back to antiquity, as can be seen from the ancient bahas (monastic courtyards) and residential streets. Among the venerable bahas are Mantra Siddhi Mahabihar (Sawal Baha), Mul Shree Mahabihar (Mu Baha) and Dharma Dhatu Mahabihar (Tadhan Baha). Besides these monastic courtyards, there are a number of sacred buildings like the temples of Watu Bhadrakali, Mu Baha Kumari and Ganesh.

The ward is bounded by Tundikhel in the east; Ward No. 25, Phasi Keba and Namuga Galli in the west; Ward Nos. 27 and 30 in the north; and New Road in the south. The ward thrives with religious, cultural and commercial activity. Numerous ceremonial events are held here each year. Its population in 2001 was 5,272, the majority of the inhabitants being Newars. It occupies an area of 8.9 hectares.