वडा नं २१

According to the classification system used to designate spatial divisions of traditional Newar towns, this ward is situated in what is known as Kwane - downtown or the lower part of Kathmandu. During the Lichchhavi period (300-879 AD), Kathmandu was divided into two sections - Yangal and Yambu. Yangal, the southern half, is situated in this ward, which is evidence of the fact that this part of town has been settled from ages past. Jaisi Dewal, Nhugha and Sil Khana (Bhimsen Thapa's residence) rank among this ward's sacred and historic sites. The tree in the center of Lagan, known as Mam Sima, is adored as the mother of Machhendranath. Machhendranath's annual chariot procession through Kathmandu comes to an end after it makes three circumambulations of this tree.

The ward is spread over 15.4 hectares. It adjoins Ward No. 11 in the east, Ward No. 20 in the west, Ward Nos. 22 and 23 in the north, and Ward No. 12 in the south. Its population in 2001 was 12,369.