वडा नं १९

Ward No. 19 is situated almost in the center of Kathmandu. Famed neighborhoods in the ward include Maru Tol, Pyafal, Damai Tol and Yatkha. The temples of Maru Ganesh, Santaneswar Mahadev and Kankeswari are major places of pilgrimage. The ward is bordered by Ward No. 25 in the east, Ward No. 15 in the west, Ward No. 18 in the north and Ward No. 20 in the south. Its population in 2001 was 7,400. The ward is spread over 15.5 hectares.

The ward possesses no places of higher learning like colleges and universities, but there are many secondary and smaller schools. The main religious festivals celebrated here are Paya and Pahan Charhe. Kankeswari, Santaneswar Mahadev, Patanmaru Ganesh, Yatkha Kumari and Maruhiti are the ward's most important heritage sites.