वडा नं १७

Ward No. 17 is on a different level among the wards of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City. It is a culturally rich area with historic sites like Kwabaha, Thanhiti, Nagha, Kwadon, Chhetrapati, Dhobi Chaur, Dhalko, Kusle Chaur and Nepal Tol. At the same time, there are posh new residential districts like Khusibun. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City carried out a land pooling project at Khusibun in order to establish a planned housing estate. The renowned Indrayani temple along with the Chhetrapati and Thanhiti squares are some of the ward's focal points. Ward Nos. 27, 29 and 16 lie to the east of this ward. The Bishnumati river flows along its western boundary. It is bordered by Ward No. 16 in the north and by Ward Nos. 18 and 28 in the south. The ward has an area of 65.7 hectares, and its population in 2001 was 19,876.