वडा नं १६

Located in the north-west of metropolitan Kathmandu, Ward No. 16 is the largest among the 35 wards. Its population in 2001 was 45,450. The ward is spread over 437.4 hectares. If there are old neighborhoods like Chhetrapati, Thamel and Paknajol in its southern part, the northern section consists of scattered rural settlements. The Ring Road runs through the ward about its center. The Raniban forest is situated in the north. One of Nepal's attractions, the celebrated 22 water spouts of Balaju, and the largest industrial estate in the country are both located in the ward.

In addition to industry, there are Kathmandu's main tourist centers Thamel and Chhetrapati. There are hotels and lodges of varying categories in the area. The ward's historic sites, in particular the rest houses, pilgrim shelters, water fountains and sacred shrines at Sorhakhutte and Paknajol, are in a pitiful condition because of neglect. At the same time, the tendency to encroach upon these public properties is on the increase. A part of the Khusibun Housing Project, an initiative to create planned settlements, lies within the ward.

The ward boundaries are formed by Ward Nos. 17 and 29 in the east, Ichangu VDC in the west, the Mahadev Khola and Manamayju VDC in the north, and Ward No. 15 in the south. With respect to local festivals, a fair is held at the 22 water spouts of Balaju each year on the full moon day of April.