वडा नं १४

Ward No. 14 was formerly Kalanki VDC, and it was included in the Kathmandu Metropolitan City in 1977. Its boundaries are formed by the Bagmati river in the east, Tinthana VDC in the west, Ward No. 13 and Kara Khusi in the north, and Kirtipur Municipality in the south. It has an area of 302.9 hectares, and its population in 2001 was 34,488. Most of the ward consists of residential and business areas. Dense settlements are coming up in the ward's north, while houses are more scattered in the south. Kuleswar Housing Project, the first such effort by His Majesty's Government, is situated in this ward. Kalanki temple is the main local religious shrine. Something needs to be done about the Kalanki crossing where the Ring Road and the road to Thankot meet. It is descending into chaos because of rapidly growing vehicular traffic.