वडा नं १२

Dotted with sacred shrines and pilgrimage sites, Ward No. 12 is like an open-air museum of cultural history. Jagannath temple, the largest image of Dipankar Buddha in the valley, Pachali Bhairav temple and Tukan Baha stupa are some of the remarkable religious and artistic treasures found here. The fact that renowned tantric master Jamana Gubhaju (Manju Bajra Bajracharya), a contemporary of King Pratap Malla, was born in this ward at Musum Baha adds to the ward's prestige.

The ward's population in 2001 was 10,313. The inhabitants are overwhelmingly Newar. It has an area of 51 hectares, and is surrounded by Ward Nos. 11 and 21 in the east, the Bishnumati river in the west, Ward Nos. 20 and 21 in the north, and by the Bagmati river in the south.