वडा नं ९

Physical amenities like electricity, drinking water and telephone are available in the ward, and most of its area has been built up. Ram Mandir at Battisputali is its most important heritage site. Devotees gather here in large numbers each year during Chait Dasain to offer worship in a brilliant ceremony.

Dwarika's Hotel, a showpiece of Kathmandu's indigenous architecture, is situated in the ward. The ward is bounded by the airport in the east, Ratopul Dhobi Khola in the west, Gaushala in the north, and Ward Nos. 10, 34 and 35 (Bhimsen Gola, Baneswar Height and Teenkune) in the south. It has an area of 301.9 hectares and contains 6,708 households. Its population in 2001 was 29,263.