वडा नं ८

This ward is where Pashupatinath, one of the holiest Hindu shrines in the world is situated. Besides this World Heritage Site, there is the temple of Guheswari and a host of other temples, shrines, rest houses and stone water fountains. On the east of this sacred land lies the old runway of Tribhuvan International Airport, on the west Siphal Dhoka, in the north Gurumarg Kailash and Gaurighat Khariko Bot, and in the south lies Ward No. 9.

The ward is spread over 253.8 hectares, and its population in 2001 was 9,434. The inhabitants belong to different ethnic groups, but Newars form the majority. Brahmins come second in terms of population. The great majority (87.5%) are Hindus followed by Buddhists (9.7%). Muslims and Christians make up the rest. The major festivals observed in the ward are Shivaratri, Teej Parva, Bajreswari Peeth Jatra, Batsaleswari Jatra, Trishul Jatra, Gai Jatra and Ropain Jatra.

With respect to physical infrastructure, almost all houses have access to electricity. However, the number of homes connected to the city water supply is very small, and only 10% of the houses have a telephone. This is the only ward in Kathmandu with its own ambulance service.