वडा नं ६

Located in the east of Kathmandu, this ward attracts both tourists and pilgrims with its great stupa of Bouddha, a World Heritage Site. With its many monasteries, the ward is a showcase of Buddhist culture and philosophy, and serves as a resource center for students and researchers of Buddhism. Chuchepati, Mahankal, Ramhiti, Simaltar and Teenchule are among the old settlements here. As a result of the increasing population, new communities like Saraswati Nagar, Purano Basti, Milan Tol and others have sprung up on high grounds which had been empty until recent years.

The prominent industries in the ward are carpet weaving and handicraft. The recently built Hyatt Regency Hotel has come as a terrific support for the local tourist trade. The ward has ample physical, social and economic infrastructure like roads, sewerage, electricity, telephone, educational institutions, health care and financial institutions. The roads to Sankhu and Sundarijal pass through the center of the ward. The reservoir used to store water brought in from Sundarijal is also situated here.

The ward converges at Bouddha Bazaar, which is about 6 km from central Kathmandu. It adjoins Jorpati VDC in the east, Ward No. 7 in the west, Kapan VDC in the north and Ward No. 7 and the Bagmati river in the south. The ward's area is 366.8 hectares, and its population in 2001 was 39,316.