वडा नं ५

Bordered by the Dhobi Khola in the east, Ward Nos. 1 and 2 in the west, Ward No. 4 in the north and Ward Nos. 1 and 33 in the south, Ward No. 5 is a ward rich in history and culture. The many Lichchhavi-era artifacts found here are evidence of its ancient glory. Its cultural wealth is shown by the numerous sacred temples and religious sites lying here, like Satya Narayan, Manmaneswari, Dhanawantari, Gahana Pokhari, Dhana Ganesh, Krishna, Dakshinkali, Bhat Bhateni and Saraswati. The locality of Hadigaon in the saying, "No festival like at Hadigaon" is situated in the ward. And so is Gahana Pokhari, a historic and ceremonially important pond. Apart from the festivals celebrated according to the Hindu tradition, special local celebrations include Hadigaon Jatra and Teen Narayan Jatra.

With respect to education, there are different kinds of educational institutions to provide instruction. Regarding entertainment, there is the modern Hira Ratna Cinema Hall which is visited by both local residents and movie fans from outside the ward. The Bhat Bhateni Departmental Store has been able to project a new image of the ward. Ward No. 5 occupies an area of 79 hectares, and its population in 2001 was 15,340.